[WATCH] StoreDot announces at Think Next: Within a year, we can charge an electric car in 5 minutes!


Only a year ago, StoreDot, an Israeli startup, shocked us when it showed how it could charge mobile phones in 30 seconds. The company now threatens to disrupt the electric car market with a fast charge that lasts only five minutes.

Here, you can see StoreDot announce this new product with Geektime’s Laura Rosbrow:

Last year, StoreDot Ltd. amazed everyone on Think Next stage, yesterday they have done it again! First they showed how to fully charge a cell phone in under 2 minutes onstage, and then they dropped the bomb: charging a CAR in under 5 minutes!Watch Storedot’s CEO, Doron Myersdorf, talks to Geektime גיקטיים about the challenges ahead for the 2016 launch.Keep an eye for Think Next 2016…Read the full article on Geektime- http://bit.ly/1dNovM0

Posted by Microsoft Israel R&D Center on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Charging an electric car within minutes, instead of hours

At Microsoft’s Think Next conference held in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, the company announced that exactly a year from now, it will present its ultra-fast charging technology, which will charge electric car batteries in five minutes. In order to make it happen, the company has developed a system composed of 7,000 cells, each of them capable of a fast charge. In comparison, five minutes of charging today will suffice for only 8 kilometers in a Tesla, Elon Musk’s electric car.

StoreDot has created Nonodots, atomic-scale containers capable of holding information and connecting to larger-scale structures. Thanks to their small size, they can increase the capacity of the electrode and performance of the electrolyte that operates as an electric conductor. The end result is charging the battery in a very short time.

Behind the scenes, the Nanodots have been synthesized to bio-organic peptide molecules that can change the capabilities of mobile devices. The Nanodots are made of the same peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The manufacturing process is available at a relatively low cost because of their natural origin and the fact they’re based on a biological mechanism of self-assembly. In fact, they can be made from a variety of raw bio-organic components that are available for use.

Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, responded, “StoreDot wishes to expand into the electric car market and become the leader in the race for the fastest charged battery. This step is a part of our move to commercialize our cutting-age technology, that can change the lives of smartphone users and drivers.” Simultaneously with the announcement of the new battery for electric cars, the company has also announced the opening of a new R&D center in Herzliya that will include an organic chemistry lab, a battery lab and a new production line.

Since its launch in 2012, StoreDot has raised approximately $58 million. Among its investors are Samsung Ventures, Millhouse Capital, which belongs to billionaire Roman Abramovich, and Singulariteam’s team led by Moshe Hogeg. StoreDot was one of the winners of the 2014 Geek Awards.

5 mintutes for charging an electric car

Rinat Korbet translated the original article.


  1. Simple math shows no way. A typical EV gets roughly 4 miles per Kilowatt-hour. So a 300 mile car needs 75KWh. 5 minutes is 1/12 of an hour, so 75KW * 12 = 900KW charger is needed. Tesla can do 150KW on their highest power Supercharger. How does one get a charger that is 6 times the power of a Tesla Supercharger?


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