Are universal credit cards the next thing?
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Photo Credit: PR Screenshot, Plastc

Coin, Plastc, Final. not to mention ApplePay. Are universal credit cards the next big thing?

Coin recently started shipping their long awaited universal credit card to early bakers in the US, in a very overdue timing. But meanwhile, other universal credit cards companies entered the market, which makes you wonder if this is the next big thing.

To those of you who don’t know the meaning of Universal Credit Card, the concept is actually really one of those ideas that you wonder why it’s happening only now. You take all your credit, debit and electronic cards from your wallet and scan them, using an app, to your one, unified card. Want to use your private CC to pay for dinner? Choose it from the card’s UI, and just use it like a regular card. Want to pay with the company’s card for that business lunch? Choose, use, pay.

So far, there are 3 main companies that offer that kind of service, without counting Apple Pay, as it needs the vendor to support its technology.

1. Coin

The most common name in Universal Credit Cards brands.
They crossed the $50,000 they asked from the pre-orders in 40 minutes, and made quite a buzz.
Like I mentioned before, their “Summer 2014″ deadline is well overdue.
With coin you can:

  • Scan as many cards as you like
  • Take photos of the cards to remember which card it is.
  • Click a button on the card to change between them.
  • Coin locks itself if you get too far from it using low power BT.

2. Plastc

The concept of Plastc is pretty much the same as Coin’s, only Plastc looks more like something from the future.
The card can use your typical magnet stripe cards, Chip and PIN and even contactless cards.
Plastc features:

  • Touch screen from which you can choose a card, enter a PIN to unlock and in case you go too far from it, it’ll lock and post a warning on the screen.
  • You can use up to 20 cards, but you can scan unlimited number of cards to the app.
  • Around 30 days of use without charging.
  • A charging mat to place to card on for the charging process.
  • Remote wipe.
  • Facial recognition on the Plastc Wallet app.

3. Final

Although the actor from the Final video may look familiar from the Coin video (Both using the very talented agency Sandwich Video), final holds a little different approach to universal credit cards.
The physical card is just the tip of the iceberg for this one – With final you can allocate unique credit card numbers to every merchant – Online or in real life, and get full control on any transaction.
Lets say you have a subscription to a monthly service, if they charge you more than the amount you allocated to them, you’ll get an instant notification asking you if that’s right. If you decide its not, just click a button and the card number you gave only to them will be deleted, without affecting any other subscriptions you might have.
Bottom line – No need to cancel a credit card and update all your other service providers, just because one of them made a mistake.

With Final you get:

  • Physical card
  • Unlimited number of credit cards numbers
  • A graphical dashboard to see all your transactions.
  • A click-of-abutton way to cancel credit numbers with suspicious transactions.

To sum it all up – the future of credit cards is going to be interesting in the next few years, and again, that’s even before mentioning Apple Pay’s solution.
The best news from it all is that our wallets are going to be much thinner, and it seems that security level is going to grow.

So what is your favourite Universal Credit Card? Have you pre-ordered any of them? Will you? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to join our newsletter to get more cool stuff straight to your inbox.

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  • Jerry

    Final is the only pay anywhere, secure solution. The card aggregators is just a way to make your wallet thinner. No comparison, Final and unique cc numbers (or something like that) is the future.