‘What’s Your Big Idea’ – A New Campaign Showcasing Israeli Innovation

OurCrowd’s Big Idea: Showcase some of the world-changing ideas that have sprouted from Israel


Photo Credit: PR, Screenshot

Photo Credit: PR, Screenshot


One of the leading equity crowd-funding platforms around the world – OurCrowd – has launched a new initiative to showcase some of the world-changing ideas that have sprouted from Israel. The new campaign, titled ‘What’s Your Big Idea’, shares some of the biggest ideas that Israel has offered to the world over the years.

As a first step for this new campaign OurCrowd has launched a new web site  – israelideas.com – where entrepreneurs may share their ideas. This initiative is basically a list of the biggest ideas to come out of Israel, compiled on one interactive website, using vibrant images, videos and podcast interviews with prominent “idea” thought leaders. The purpose of this new website as stated by OurCrowd:

“By showcasing some of the world-changing ideas that have sprouted from Israel throughout the years, OurCrowd wishes to inspire others to share these ideas in order to inspire their own. Sharing one idea might enable another to establish the finishing touches on their big thought, or signal to someone with dream-enabling resources that there’s a great idea out there. Here is where we’re sharing some of the biggest ideas that Israel has offered to the world, all serving to influence you to share yours.”

Israel is well known as the “Startup Nation”, being a hotbed for many start-ups and entrepreneurs. Each year in Israel there are 500+ venture financings and over 1000+ angel financings. Deal flow continues to rise and there is a growing demand to participate in Israel’s “StartUp Nation” culture. OurCrowd is doing a great job promoting this demand.

“…we see hundreds of brilliant ideas each month, and it’s our job to choose the greatest and support them on their route to success. These innovations make the Startup Nation what it is today, brought together by the brightest minds and strongest wills. We want to celebrate these ideas, and we want to inspire you to pursue yours.”

OurCrowd’s background:

Founded in February 2013, OurCrowd is a leading equity crowdfunding platform, built exclusively for a select group of accredited investors to invest directly in Israeli startups and other global early stage companies. OurCrowd recently raised over $60 million for its 46 portfolio companies, with BioCatch and Consumer Physics among them.
Through OurCrowd, entrepreneurs can safely invest in new projects, while receiving progress reports, personal guidance, and professional mentoring. The company has differentiated their approach by investing its own capital in every deal it presents to investors, and by a highly selective process: OurCrowd’s team sees over 200 opportunities every month, and through an intensive process, narrows the pool to 2-3 projects to invest in.

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