Yo now has competition for the dumbest messenger app

Emojli is a newly announced messenger app only for emojis. It hasn’t even come out yet and already 50,000 have reserved usernames (made of emojis)

Credit: getemoji.com

Credit: getemoji.com

There has been a lot of talk of the app Yo, which pings “Yo” notifications to people’s cell phones and has gotten a lot of press due to its rediculous $1.2 million investment, one million users and its own hackathon that inspired new Yo apps including winner YoServerIsDown. If this weren’t the dumbest app out there, there may soon be one just as dumb.

Two U.K. developers recently announced their own idea for a messenger app that is only for emojis. The platform, called Emojli,  is not available yet, but interested users can reserve a username – which also can only include emojis – and already more than 50,000 interested users have signed up.

“No forward this to 10 people memes, no stupid hashtags, the worst message you could possibly receive is a pile of poop,” Emojli said in its intro video. “Now we know what you’re thinking, ‘this is satire, no one would actually make this thing,’ it’s not and we have.”

No words. Just emojis

The idea comes from Matt Gray, a broadcast engineer at Global Radio in London, and Tom Scott, a London-based writer and presenter of shows for TV and web. The team told Geektime that the idea to create an emoji-only app came due to the comedic following of Yo and the recent release of the Unicode Consortium’s new emojis.

“The two of us had the idea at about the same time — we weren’t sold on it until we realised that usernames should be emoji too. At that point, we burst out laughing and realised we had to build it,” they said in an email.

The team is writing a messenger app so users can send emojis to each other. They said they plan to launch the app in July or August and then plan to see what users like about it to launch new tools for many platforms. The app seems like a big joke, and who knows what are the chances that the app will be released. When asked what their goals are for the app the team replied: “To actually make it. We haven’t thought much further than that!”

And with the surprise – and what I think is the pathetic –  success of Yo, Emojli probably has just as much of a chance for success. So, where are the Yo investors? Looking for another messenger fad?

Video: The emoji-only network

Aviva Gat

Olah Chadasha and former finance reporter from New York City. Gat is a writer, runner and traveler who came to Israel for the good food and weather. She writes for Geektime’s English and global desk.



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