Sentinel Raises $12M, calls out old man Antivirus

With a full suite of cybersec solutions ready for release on the horizon, Sentinel sets its sights on the antiquated kingdom of the Antivirus

Photo Credit: PR

Photo Credit: PR

Sentinel Labs, cyber-sec startup and graduate of UpWest Labs, announced today the completion of a $12M series A round led by Tiger Global with full participation from existing investors Accel Partners, Data Collective (DCVC), and Granite Hill Capital Partners, all of whom pumped $2.5M of seed into Sentinel this past August. Also joining the party this time around is new investor The Westly Group.

All business in the front, no partying in the back

Sentinel specializes in multi-device endpoint and server advanced threat protection seeking to shore up organizations from both direct frontal assaults and backdoor outlets created by individuals using personal devices.

Sentinel stated that the funding would go toward expanding their current offering while providing fuel for the launch of their latest next gen Endpoint solution suite scheduled to debut by year’s end.   

Tomer Weingarten, CEO of Sentinel Labs threw down the gauntlet for old guard of anti-virus protection providers in near Biblical terms, charging that, “The age of the antivirus is over. The endpoint world is ripe for disruption in light of the ineffectiveness of current antivirus technology and limited visibility of network based products.”

Weingarten doubled down and verbally marked the anti virus territory as Sentinel’s next hunting grounds: “We’ve championed the idea of endpoint being the last line of defense against threats; now we’re going to take that initial concept and tackle the antivirus itself, an industry that hasn’t changed in ten years despite ever growing threats.”

Photo Credit: PR

Photo Credit: PR

You and what army of trusted experts

Big words for a series A funded startup. But they are backed by some other serious people. Yahoo CISO Alex Stamos had this to say about Sentinel: “I believe that Sentinel represents the future of APT detection. Targets of APTs that have deployed the leading centralized solutions are starting to deal with their serious downsides. Sentinel solves these problems by running on the targeted host and detecting successful compromise. I can strongly recommend that any company facing nation-state and other advanced threats give Sentinel a shot.”

Joining Stamos comes Mike Kail, VP of IT Operations at Netflix: “Sentinel’s unique, light-weight agent-based solution, combined with the management console and global threat feed, is the solution that we’ve been waiting for.”

And Chief Trust Officer at Box, former CISO at Symantec and Sentinel advisor Justin Somaini weighed in as well: “With the onslaught of malicious actors deploying advanced malware and the limitations of existing antivirus software, Sentinel is providing a critical solution to this problem.  A solution that will benefit the entire industry.”  

It might all sound contrived, but when your dealing with enterprise level price tags, an extremely competitive field of service providers and a type of product which, by its very nature, can never truly be viewed by the client, endorsements and connections are everything.  


Avi Schneider

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