Uber expands to include courier services. How will its rivalry with Get Taxi pan out?

Uber launches UberRUSH, a courier service in New York City. Israeli Get Taxi is looking to compete with its own new services

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

American travel services company Uber is seeking to expand and offer more services to users. As part of this process, Uber started experimenting with two – wheels via bicycle courier services. Israeli rival, Get Taxi, has also announced a similar move to offer users a service that comes with everything they want when traveling.

Increasing their reach

Uber’s new service, called UberRUSH, will run only in New York, and will allow users to send parcels, documents and other goods in the city by bike messengers or even on foot. This is not a new concept, certainly not in New York, but unlike existing services, here the focus is on the transfer of small packets from the user to certain addresses within the city and within a short time especially.

The defining characteristic of the Uber service is that it is possible to follow the messenger and package, and even share the route with the user receiving the package. However, the company makes it clear that the tracking service may not be available throughout all routes of shipment, especially if the messenger chooses to use the subway. But given that this product is in beta, it is likely that users will be a little more patient.

Regarding prices, the service will be offered at a basis of $15, but the final price will be determined according to the distance traveled and the different areas in the city, similar to the existing price model. In addition, the company makes it clear that the service currently is limited to small packages that the couriers indeed can carry themselves. In addition, the delivery order is carried out through the company’s existing application, which now includes this option.

Get Taxi in turn, which launched in New York City, also unveiled its new delivery service, to be performed in cooperation with WunWun. Unlike Uber, here the emphasis is not only on parcels and it would still operate independently.

When booking travel on Get Taxi, users can add different services, such as parcel delivery, ordering coffee and even requesting an iPhone charger alongside the commissioned travel. Unlike the taxi service that comes within minutes, here now the service will be offered for travel that can be booked from three hours to two weeks in advance for a fixed price of $10.

Thanks to the competition between the two companies, it seems that the main beneficiaries are the users. The fact that two months ago we found out that Uber plans to open a branch in Israel, we have only to wait and see how the rivalry in question also benefits Israeli consumers.

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