Ronaldo or Messi? A new Irish sports analytics app can help you decide

Sport Tagger is a new app that allows users to analyze player performance. It recently was nominated as the best sports app for the Sports Technology Awards in London

Credit: PR

Credit: PR

Assessing who are the best football players is subjective. Two people watching the same game may have completely different views on who the key players are and who lead their team to a winning goal.

But with more and more analytics entering the sports arena, its getting easier to definitively show how well a specific player performs. A new Irish mobile app is designed to put analytic tools right in your hand, allowing players, coaches, scouts and anyone else to analyze the skills of any player.

Sport Tagger enables users to conduct their own analytics of players based on how they perform in games. Users input information about a player, game details and skills performed by the player throughout a specific game. The app then stores information in a spreadsheet that can then be analyzed.

“As a coach, my objective was to provide an app that would measure individual skills and provide useful data over a period of time that would help players,” Eddie Crowe, Sport Tagger’s founder, said in a statement. “I also wanted to make it affordable to grassroots coaches, managers and scouts so they can build up a profile of the players skillset and put a program in place for improvement. So for example, if the data shows that a high percentage of the players long passes are incomplete, sessions may be tailored for that player to address this.”

Potentially the best new Sports app

Crowe, a football player and coach from Lahinch, in Clare County, Ireland, designed the app in 2012. The app was first released for testing on iPads in November of that year. By the following November, the app was available for download for iPad, iPhone and Android. According to Crowe, chief scout with Manchester United Dave Hobson and fellow scout Purves Ali have all endorsed the app and are in talks to create a customized version for their members in the U.K.

Just recently, on March 25, Sport Tagger announced that it was nominated for the inaugural Sports Technology Awards in categories Best Technology and Best Sports App. The awards will be held in London on April 4 and will be judged by Rugby World Cup winning coach Sir Clive Woodward, the FA’s head of performance services Dave Reddin, World Cup referee Graham Poll, as well as several sports players, Olympic medalists and sports journalists.

The app is not just for football and can analyze stats for rugby, Gaelic games, basketball, hockey, handball and other sports. It also has a built in notepad, camera and audio recorder.

Crowe has invested €9,000 in the app’s development and on March 21 launched a crowdfunding campaign on The campaign is seeking €7,000 to create new versions of the app and for marketing. The campaign is off to a slow start with zero funds raise as of Wednesday.

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