Why did Facebook open an office in Jakarta?
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How will the social network capitalise on its fourth largest market — Indonesia? Social commerce, probably

Yesterday, Indonesian online tech publication teased incessantly that Twitter might open an office in Indonesia. Today, Facebook has been reported to have opened an office in Jakarta, capital city of the largest Southeast Asian country.

With over 65 million users in the country, the major social network’s Asia Pacific Vice President, Dan Neary, said via DailySocial,“It’s very exciting because when we look at Indonesia, it’s one of our priority market for expansion, so it’s exciting to think about how we’re going to grow that business over time.” (Sic)

Social shopping in Asia

As Facebook’s fourth biggest market, Indonesia has also mastered the art of social commerce. According to Redwing Asia, social commerce, or the buying or selling on social networks, has become the new normal. It wrote, “Independent merchants enjoy using the micro-blogging features integrated with e-commerce platforms in order to capture customer testimonials and to promote their products and services.”

Facebook had earlier opened an office in Singapore, and another in Malaysia. According to The Next Web, it now has 13 offices across Asia Pacific.

This post was originally published on e27.co

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