Stream movies from Popcorn Time on Chromecast
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Photo Credit: Screenshot

A brilliant little trick allows users to stream the movies they watch through Popcorn Time to Chromecast. Meanwhile, MEGA, which stores up to date software installation files, removed them for violating the terms of use

Photo Credit: Screenshot

Photo Credit: Screenshot

Was the glee of the people premature? After particularly large media exposure, which intensified especially in the last days, the link to download the software Popcorn Time , an open source project that offered users the opportunity to browse and watch full movies direct piping using the bittorrent protocol, fell from the air. The Departments of copyright for file-sharing sites Kim Dotcom and MEGA removed the link for violating their Terms of Service. Now, developers will be forced to look for new versions of software, which have been available so far for download for Mac, Windows and Linux users.

For further reading on Popcorn Time see:

Popcorn Time confirmed this in its Twitter account a short while ago and said that it is working diligently to find a hosting site as soon as it finds another that will store its files to download the software. Most likely, this is not the end of the project nor will it stop the development process, but it is a small impedance that is likely to only affect users who want to download the software in the coming hours. Also, certainly no shortage of people who downloaded the software will be able to share it themselves using various file storage sites, or other file sharing protocols such as BitTorrent, for example.


Popcorn Time was founded by an Argentine designer called Sebastian from Buenos Aires, along with several colleagues and plenty of help from the community of open source. Popcorn Time is unique in that it also looks good visually, is simple to operate and allows viewing hundreds of current movies especially, in seconds, for free, to an audience which is not necessarily technological. Click – View without making additional unnecessary operations.


Its service, which has received a lot of media coverage in recent days, could provoke the wrath of the big studios and present the issue of copyright ridicule, by allowing anyone who pleases to access friendly interface and simply watch in HD every movie he wanted immediately. All users have to do is choose which movie they want to watch through the catalog offered in the software, double-click it to start playing it, choose what quality they want to watch it (720p, 1080p) and select the subtitle language of their choice (Hebrew, for now is still not supported).

The biggest irony in this story is that the company who removed the site, Kim Dotcom, does not exactly follow the copyright laws , which is the opposite of what we would expect from them because of what we thought about MEGA so far. Could Kim Dotcom have decided to fold because of pressure from various organizations? Maybe, but more likely is that it was automatically removed as a result of reports of different users for piracy and violations of the site. Anyway, new links are likely to emerge in the coming hours and we will be there of course to update.

So flows the Popcorn Time to Chromecast

Source: Screenshot

This is a little trick, but brilliant. Because Popcorn Time is actually a software -based browser, when you begin to stream any movie using the software, the server is actually streaming on your computer, so that users on the other side watching the same movie see it through you, since this is basically the principle behind Popcorn Time – Sharing and streaming movies using the BitTorrent protocol. All you need to do to stream the movie to Chromecast, is the three simple steps:

One. Started to watch a movie of your choice using Popcorn Time.

Two. Start the browser, ensure the browser has the Google Cast plugin installed on your Chrome. Why? Recall, using the plugin will inject the Chrome browser directly to your TV.

Three. Enter the following url: The browser will take you to a kind of embedded player, through which you can play and watch a movie on a private server created on your computer. All you have to do then is click on the icon of the Google Plugin Cast and stream it to the TV tab on your private. Enjoy!

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Avishay Bassa

About Avishay Bassa

Seasoned web developer, Gadget freak and loves everything Google, Android and open source. Avishay is the guy in charge of dismantling every new gadget that dares step into our office and hopefully put it back together and write a review about it afterwards.

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  • John

    Thanks for the tip, got my Chromecast this morning great purchase as now I can watch what I want when I want!

  • Mickey

    Thanks for the great tip but movies are playing with no volume when using popcorn time with chromecast. Any ideas as to how I can sort this? Thanks.

  • unfortunally no subtitles via localhost:8888

  • Leandro

    how to insert subtitle to watch the chromecast is possible.
    thank you + subtitle ?

  • Chris

    I’ve just figured out a MUCH better way to play Popcorn movies on the chromecast, without the horrible sutter asociated with tabcasting: Using the great Bubbleupnp android app.

    This is what I did :

    1. Open the Popcorn app and play a movie
    2. Open the Bubbleupnp android app
    3. Select your chromecast device from the ‘device’ tab
    4. In the ‘playlist’ tab, click ‘Add Stream url’ in the menu and enter Obviously replace the IP address with your machines IP address
    5. It will play just fine and much better then when using tabcasting!

    I also run the Bubbleupnp server app on one of my machines on my network but I can’t be sure if this is required. The bubbleupnp server app automatically transcodes any unsupported chromcast videos that the bubbleupnp android app tries to play to the chromecast.

    • CJTO

      It worked perfectly up until the last Popcorn time update.

      Now I get “unable to get mime-type” errors when trying to stream.


    • My bubblepnp audio isnt working? how can I fix this

    • steven

      Holy shit, this works! Thank you!

      But wait… why do we need an app to do this on the phone? Is there not a way to stream to the chromecast from the a PC?

    • Claudio

      This worked perfect but I jusr have one issue. How do I insert the subtitles?
      It streams perfect but without subtitles 🙁

  • Chris

    Please help me find where to download this app for my android phone

    • Rich G

      Thanks for the tip with Bubbleupnp – works perfectly. BTW, I didn’t install the server so I’d say it isn’t necessary.

  • moon knight

    To embed popcorn time video to browser:

    1. When popcorn time video is playing click u.
    2. Open google chrome browser and paste.
    3. Video should play and now you can google cast.

    • Tucker

      This works perfectly thank you so much!

    • Luigi

      Doesn’t work for me. what do you mean by ‘click u’? tap ‘u’ on my keyboard?
      Did that and nothing happened.

      • gman

        What he meant to say was press ctrl C on the screen playing the movie and ctrl V on the tab that you want to cast and VOILA. you are casting from popcorn time!

      • ALN

        What he means is to press the letter U on your keyboard, you should see a text saying that the link has been copied and then paste it into your browser

    • M

      This doesn’t work for me.

    • Silveiro

      MANY thanks my friend, it works perfectly !!!!!!

      Afude, funcionou na boa. I LOVE POPCORN.IO !!!!

    • Rene Varon Pelgrim

      Works great! The only problem is it won’t show up subtitles in Chrome 🙁

  • Daniel Perez doesn’t work, I got: Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

    • Naka

      for me Chrome start download a file without extension. :S

      What now?

    • Jack

      Go to Popcorn time. Start playing a title. Hit “U”. Go to chrome and paste into address bar.

  • Andrew

    These instructions leave a lot out. Here’s what else you need to know –

    find your local IP, this can be done by typing in ‘cmd’ in the desktop search, open it and type in ‘ipconfig’ to find the local ip. It may show as IPv4 address.

    You then need to find the extension code for the video. This changes every time you load a new video on popcorn time –

    1. load the video on popcorn time
    2. press “u” to automatically copy the url for the video.
    3. Paste the video url into the chrome browser
    4. change the default “” address to your local ip.

    • Emilio

      I have followed your instructions but after I change the default with my local ip, the browser opens a black page with a player but it does not play the video. I can just see the play button and the sound button. I clicked on the play button but nothing happens.

      • R1chard

        I’ve tried everything writen on this threat but stil no succes. I can’t seem to get the popcorn movie from my laptop to my chromecast. Tried the and replaced the with my laptops ip but no succes. Then even shut down de firewall and all other security stuf but stl no succes. Please help!! why can’t I get this to work??

        • R1chard

          finaly got the movie streaming to mij chromecast. With a reinstall of the popcorn soft there is a option for streaming embeded in the sotfwarepack. Only the subtitles are not working, maybe it needs another update from popcorn

          • mandy

            How did you get the option to enable embedded streaming
            I cant find it even after re installing

  • The redirect to doesnt work. Is is possibly a fire wall issue I get a message this webpage is not available

    any thoughts

    • Alyssa

      What I found that works is to go to settings on popcorn time and open the folder that contains your downloads. Then open the folder of the video that you want to play. Left click on the video and open it in google chrome. You then can press the chromecast button in the upper right hand corner.

  • Chrome cast 2 of my cell phones were messed up because of chromecast sprint dealer told me not to use it

    • kabo

      Then obviously you’re an idiot and shouldn’t be using this if you believe some rep from sprint would do this to your phone. You should stop using technology.

  • i cant see popcorn app via chromecast ,
    i can see utube
    can i get help with that…?

  • Poulf

    Xbox one (DLNA):

    Install “vGet Cast” in chrome, use the “U” key trick and paste the url in vGet.

  • Alejandro Reinoza

    Popcorn Time must remain running while Chromecasting in this way, I mean, running the video? or, Can I pause on Popcorn ? Because in this way Popcorn is my Streaming server.

  • Geyzer Soze

    Well this is all moot now, you can stream direct to ChromeCast from within the PT app now (y)

  • Ahrahi Mulneri

    I have an old linux version of popcorn time, the way I get movies to play on chromecast is I start the download in PT, I locate the .mp4 link file in the /tmp/Popcorn-Time folder then I create a shortcut for it on my desktop.
    I use the Videostream app for chrome to locate the folder with this file and stream it to chromecast.

  • Adele Samantha

    Great article Avishay. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Chromecast by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

  • imki

    now, end of 2015 none of these advices doesnt work 4 me!
    what do i miss???