WhatsApp is up? No… Wait… It’s down [Update: It's up again]

Days after announcing their huge acquisition by facebook, looks like WhatsApp can’t take the stress. The service has been down for the last hour [Updating]

WhatsApp message

WhatsApp message

It’s not unusual for an online service to be down from time to time and WhatsApp is not stranger here as well. Ever since the original app was created and and multiple times in the last year, the company servers have frequently failed to deliver their service, last time happened on December 8th, approximately two months ago.

So why is this time any different, In contrast to what we’ve seen in previous cases, this outage seems to be almost worldwide affecting users from India, through Israel to Ireland and Brazil and users from all these countries have been complaining for more than an hour about the service’s availability on both Twitter and Facebook (Which as you might recall, is the soon to be owner of the messaging app).

The funny thing is that WhatsApp users are complaining about the service on Facebook and we’ve already encountered some freshly-made memes :





We’ve reached out to WhatsApp for comment and will update as soon as we hear back.

Update: Whatsapp has officially confirmed (Via Twitter) that the problems exists and that they are working to solve it. No details on the problem besides stating the regular “Server Issues” and nothing as to when they expect a solution.


Update #2: Following the service going back operational, the company has reached out to geektime with a response

“WhatsApp will continue to operate autonomously and independently from Facebook. The announcement of our acquisition does not change the way we work or our philosophy. Our users and their privacy always have been and still continue to be our most important priorities. Thanks to all of you for your support.

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