New Israeli fund Stage One raises $100M

The new fund, read Stage One II, will focus on early stage startups

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Israeli VC firm, Stage One, is raising $100M for a second fund to be called Stage One II. The new fund will focus on early stage investments.

For local industry

The report comes from Israeli news site Marker and states that the fund has already raised some $75M (of the planned $100M) through the efforts of fund founder Yuval Cohen along with Tal Slobodkin who will be joining him in managing the fund. The report adds that the fund is to focus on early stage investments. Based on the fund’s prior activities to date it would be safe to assume that Stage One’s industry focus will most probably lean toward communications and IT.

As part of securing investment by the fund, Stage One will also offer startups a connection with appropriate communications providers early on in their product development life cycle in order to help them identify market needs. This is to ensure that companies move forward in the right direction while seeking to build and develop the best products that will ultimately address such needs.

On their website Stage One provides details relating to the various consultants they provide to their portfolio companies. Some of the names listed  include industry experts like Paul Weisbach – Ex Deputy CEO  and Vice President of Bezeq, Meir Feder PhD – Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering Systems, Tel Aviv University and Mr. Jack Cavelier – bringing over 25 years of experience in management activities in the fields of systems integration, networking and telecommunications.

Established in 2001 by Yuval Cohen and Adoram Gaash, Stage One seems to prefer operating under the radar. Still, their portfolio has kept a pretty impressive track record throughout the years including well-known successes like Crescendo and Traffix Systems –  acquired by F5 Networks, Trivnet – acquired by Gemalto, Octalica – acquired by Broadcom, Guardium – acquired by IBM and Oversi – acquired by Allot.

Stage One itself acquired the the incubator Nizanim back in 2003, which later became LabOne until being acquired by Ilan Shiloah and Nir Tarlovsky in 2009, at which point it became the incubator known as TheTime.

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