Geektime’s 2013 Israeli hi-tech end of the year ROUNDUP: Exits
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Photo Credit: Shutterstock

It looks like another year of records for Israeli exits with 45 officially counted, both announced and closed, totaling over $6.4B

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

It’s been a roller coaster ride for Israeli hi-tech with announcements, rumors, denials, acquisitions and IPO’s sending us reporters on a year long wild goose chase to scoop the scoop for your Re-Tweeting, Facebook Posting, Hacker News 1uping greedy little pleasure.

Happy to oblige.

Isreali hi-tech are often the ones setting the pace and pushing back the goal posts, always looking ahead to what’s next, what hasn’t yet been conquered an what’s the latest canonized impossibility that we can heretically debunk? Well, we thought to ourselves, y’know what? It’s high time we took five minutes to look back for once and appreciate some of our accomplishments over the past year. In this case: Exits.

It looks like another year for the record books because Israel had quite a few, 45 by our last account, for a record breaking total deal flow topping $6.4B. What follows is a list of Israel’s 2013 hi-tech exits and a few conclusions we made along the way while compiling it. So now, you Israeli tech lovers; kick back, put your feet up and grab yourself a nice cold Maccabi as you prepare for a little self indulgence.

How’d we compile the list? A lot of grit, spit and duct tape mixed with too much time on our hands during the end of the year season.

What were the criteria for inclusion on the list? Officially announced closings of exits (either acquisition, merger or IPO) by Israeli tech sector companies including industry outliers; bio-tech, clean-tech and agri-tech – as well as official announcements of intentions to acquire, merge or IPO (hence the last minute entrance of Given Imaging).

How accurate is the final total price-tag? The number was calculated based on best estimates, taking into account that the final purchase price of many deals came from off-the-record sources. Several deals did not disclose final purchase prices (either from on or off-the-record sources) and those numbers were not factored in, although their values are presumed to not be high enough to significantly skew the final tally. IPO’s were factored in based on capital raised upon issuance.

Conclusions at a glance:

  • Biomedical and IT are the big winners in terms of deal volume.

  • Agri-tech is the dark horse of hi-tech with perhaps the most untapped potential, both in terms of current and future unmet needs of the market, as well as in terms of the number of companies throwing their hat in the ring and tackling said needs.

  • Israel isn’t always playing the roll of the purchased party anymore. Isn’t that NICE for a change.

  • Israel CAN do consumer. Both Waze and now Wix have surpassed the billion dollar valuation mark. About 40 internet and software companies founded since 2003 have broken the billion dollar mark. Two of those are Israeli and both occurred within the current year. “Say that again?” “Oh, you heard me!” Is it time we started reevaluating the chances we give Israeli companies when it comes to succeeding at consumer? Ummm, yeah.

Behold, the full list (Values, confirmed and estimated, were included where available):

  1. (IS) Matomy acquires MediaWhiz. – Jan, 2013
  2. Cisco acquires (IS) Intucell for $475M – Jan, 2013

  3. Monsanto acquires (IS) Rosetta Green Ltd. for NIS 126 million. – Feb, 2013

  4. Allscripts Healthcare acquires (IS) dbMotion for $235M. – Mar, 2013
  5. (IS) Outbrain acquires Visual Revenue. – Mar, 2013
  6. Harman International Industries acquires (IS) iOnRoad Technologies. – Apr, 2013

  7. Avago acquires (IS) CyOptics for $400M. – Apr, 2013
  8. Opko Health Inc. acquires (IS) Prolor Biotech Inc. for $480M in shares – Apr, 2013

  9. Endemol acquires (IS) Kuperman. – Apr, 2013.

  10. Fosun Pharma acquires (IS) Alma Lasers for $240M. Apr, 2013
  11. (IS) Mellanox acquires Kotura for $82M. – May, 2013
  12. acquires (IS) Webcollage for $37M. – May, 2013
  13. (IS) Babylon acquires (IS) Woolik for $2M – Jun, 2013
  14. Google acquires (IS) Waze for $1.1B. – June, 2013

  15. Samsung acquires (IS) Boxee for $30M. – Jul, 2013
  16. PTC acquires (IS) Enigma for $10M. – Jul, 2013
  17. (IS) Matomy acquires MobAff. – Jul, 2013
  18. Intel acquires (IS) Omek Interactive. – Jul, 2013

  19. EMC acquires (IS) ScaleIO for $250M. – Jul, 2013

  20. Commerce International acquires (IS) Kupoya. – Jul, 2013
  21. AOL acquires (IS) for $405M. – Aug, 2013
  22. (IS) NICE acquires Causata – Aug, 2013

  23. Apple acquires (IS) Aug, 2013
  24. IBM acquires (IS) Trusteer for $800M. – Aug, 2013

  25. (IS) Presstek Ltd. acquires VIM Technologies Ltd. -Aug, 2013

  26. (IS) Immune Pharmaceuticals Ltd. reverse merges with the US publicly traded Immune Pharmaceuticals Inc. (formerly known as EpiCept Corporation) – Aug, 2013

  27. Baxter International acquires (IS) FlowSense. – Sep, 2013

  28. Datapipe acquires (IS) Newvem. – Sep, 2013
  29. Genband acquires (IS) Fring for $50M. Sep, 2013
  30. (IS) Telit Communications acquires ILS Technology for $8.5M. – Sep, 2013
  31. F5 Networks Inc. acquires (IS) Versafe Ltd. – Sep, 2013

  32. Apple acquires (IS) Cue for $40M. – Oct, 2013
  33. Facebook acquires (IS) Onavo $150M. – Oct 2013

  34. Autodesk acquires (IS) For Each for $15M. – Oct, 2013
  35. Asurion acquires (IS) Soluto for $100M. – Oct, 2013

  36. Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Company Ltd. acquires (IS) ZenithSolar. – Oct, 2013

  37. (IS) Comm-IT acquires (IS) Valinor for $2M. Nov, 2013
  38. Apple acquires (IS) Primesense for $350M. – Nov, 2013

  39. (IS) Evogene IPO’s at $412M valuation, raises $86M. – Nov, 2013

  40. Rackspace acquires (IS) ZeroVM. – Nov, 2013

  41. (IS) Wix IPO’s at a $800M valuation, raises $127M. – Nov, 2013

  42. Harris Broadcast acquires (IS) Imagine Communications. -Dec, 2013
  43. Avaya acquiring (IS) ITNavigator. – Dec, 2013

  44. Marketo acquires (IS) Insightera for $25M – Dec, 2013

  45. Covidien acquiring (IS) Given Imaging for $860M. – Dec, 2013

Photo Credit: Shutterstuck/ Cowboy rodeo

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