UpWest Labs Graduates Sixth Class, marks 2 years of accelerating

The Silicon Valley based accelerator dedicated exclusively to Israeli startups now tallies 150 graduates and $20M in follow-on funding after only two years accelerating companies

Photo Credit: UpWest Labs, 6th Graduating Class

Photo Credit: UpWest Labs, 6th Graduating Class

UpWest Labs is unique among accelerators, catering exclusively to Israeli startups while basing itself exclusively in Palo Alto’s Silicon Valley. The program that cuts out the Trans-Atlantic middleman is closing up its sixth graduating class, and with that, marks 2 years in the business of accelerating startups. Notable achievements include 150 entrepreneur graduates and $20M in total follow on funding secured from graduating companies.

This latest class endured the same cold water, cultural wake-up bath as those who came before them, enduring four months of intensive immersion into the valley’s investment culture, picking the brains of potential investors and future clients, trying to understand their pain points and seeing what minor tweaks or full product pivots were necessary to become product, vendor or investment relevant for the US and global market.

Participating companies were boosted by essential resources, mentorship, seed funding and access to key partners and investors. The five companies spanned the hi-tech industry spectrum including cyber-sec, business intelligence, network security, a developer/solution marketplace, and a social media management tool for small and mid sized businesses.

In brief, behold the five:

slickloginSlicklogin is a lock & key, password alternative. In this case your smartphone is your key. Slicklogin-enabled sites play unique ultrasound encryptions through device speakers that a corresponding smartphone app reads and answers in kind. Requiring an external device key makes for a pretty resilient security system and adding in the audio element for extra measure was a pretty slick touch (sorry, it had to be done).

primequePrimeQue is Big Data analysis in small bites. The company takes complex corporate data and boils it down from a full suite of BI features into a Google-like search box. The platform also uses a dedicated Guided Natural Language interface to turn otherwise complex actions into simple ones so that average users can create, save and share unlimited variations of complex queries and visualizations as well as set alerts and periodic reports.

cyberXCyberX is an advanced security platform for critical networks specializing in systems that are more commonly left unsecure.

codersclan1CodersClan is a developer/solution marketplace where users post coding problems that other developers are free to tackle for a fixed offered price. 300 experts using the site ready to provide answers.

buzzspiceBuzzSpice is a social media management solution for small and midsized businesses (SMBs). The mobile and online tool automatically curates, schedules, and posts targeted social media content from a database of over 80,000 pieces of content. They offer an entire schedule of targeted content that can be automatically posted to your FB page or tweaked to a company’s liking. The company currently has over 2,000 active US based SMB users.

“Growing your business 10,000 miles from your market is nearly impossible” says Gil Ben-Artzy, Partner and co-founder at UpWest Labs. “We are providing Israeli entrepreneurs with an opportunity to live and work in the epicenter of their customer base and among the world’s leading technologists, venture capitalists, and startup mentors. Most importantly, our unique community of entrepreneurs grows with each graduating class, and each class builds on the success of those that came before. That’s what we are truly celebrating today, the graduation of these startups from classmates to mentors.”


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