Windward raises $5M

Helping governments and businesses as they monitor the ocean’s waterways

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Windward, an Israeli startup developing predictive maritime analytics systems & services, announced today (Wednesday) the completion of their first funding round valued at $5M. The round was carried out by new Israel based VC fund Aleph. The company was founded in 2010 by Ami Daniel and Matan Peled, both former captains in the IDF Navy.

Israeli navy goes commercial

Winward has developed a technology called MarInt, which uses commercial satellites and Pinpoints located throughout the maritime world to continuously monitor the movements of vessels around the world, alerting users as to any suspicious activity. These capabilities have not been available on the commercial level until now. Using sophisticated algorithms developed by the company, MarInt knows not only how to monitor the current location of seaborne vessels, but also how to read their identifying information, how to track where the vessels have traveled since leaving port, what other vessels were in port with that vessel at the same time etc. Based on the above historical data, the system can detect and flag suspicious behavior of  individual vessels.

Starting at the beginning of this year, 2013, Windward has begun a cooperative relationship with Elbit Systems of Israel to develop a joint marine solution for the Indian government. The solution combines the Windward MarInt system with Elbit’s Hermes 900, an offshore patrol systems manned to handle the specific needs of the Indian government with regards to controlling her territorial waters. Two months ago back in August 2013, analysts of the company cooperated with Reuters news agency to cover the oil crisis in Libya, which saw protesting employees stopping the export of raw material requested from the state.

Aleph, which was founded by Eden Shochat and Michael Eisenberg, familiar characters in Israel’s high-tech scene declared the opening of its first fund last July. The fund focuses primarily on Series A round investments of about $2-5M per investment. The fund hopes to add between 15-20 companies to their portfolio focusing on the areas of software and the Big Data. Windward is the first company to join the firm’s portfolio, which is expected to grow steadily in the coming years as they help other Israeli startups achieve their goals.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/ United States Navy Ship anchored off the coast of Maui, Hawaii

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