Israeli ZeroVM acquired by RackSpace

ZeroVM, the Israeli behind the development of a virtual server system designed for the cloud was acquired by American hosting company RackSpace

Photo Credit: PR

Photo Credit: PR

ZeroVM, the Israeli startup behind the development of a virtual server system designed for the cloud has been acquired by American hosting company RackSpace. Much of the terms of the deal were not disclosed but one element that was revealed was that ZeroVM’s Tel Aviv offices will become the local R&D center for Rackspace in the region.

Fixing the Hypervisor

RackSpace began in 1998 as a web hosting company with its main focus being on service and support for its customers. During its years of operation the company has developed and expanded into the realm of cloud hosting and began an acquisition process of a number of companies in this field.

ZeroVM Israel was is behind the production of the first hypervisor designed exclusively for cloud-based open-source operations. Essentially it allows developers to test and implement their products in different environments quickly and easily. The company’s product was built with the operational reality in mind that most virtualization solutions on the market today are not designed, and are not suitable for cloud architecture. The company is taking a new approach to cloud-based applications: i.e, the virtualization of specific applications themselves and not the machine it runs on.

The Company’s product allows developers to load only the parts required for the operating system and product testing, and simulates only the parts that need the processing server in question. All in all it needs a total to 75K files of executable code and can run in less than 5 milliseconds, while other servers on the market today would need a whole 2 minutes to create the right environment for the same task.

ZeroVM explains that the cloud architecture is fundamentally broken today, as hypervisors are still being designed for a world that no longer exists. It use to be the case that companies had at least one physical server on-site. That reality has changed with startups and small and mid sized businesses conducting all their development on the cloud. ZeroVM is the first to offer a hypervisor product compatible with Google’s Native Client  that includes three significant advantages: speed, insulation and efficiency, and can run off of several languages including Python, Ruby, PHP or Perl.

The company features capabilities that are not offered by major cloud services providers like Amazon’s cloud services, providing RackSpace with a significant advantage over the other majore players in the market.

ZeroVM was founded in 2011 by Constantine Perespykin and Camuel Gilyadov as part of the TechStars incubator. The company received $500K in seed investment from the program. The current acquisition will serve to establish Rackspace’s first real presence in the region and will allow the cloud provider to offer its customers a significant upgrade in the speed and quality of their products deployment.


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