Appsee – a ClickTale for mobile apps – raises $1M

What features are your users using? How are they navigating around your app? See for yourself with Appsee

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Appsee video

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Appsee video

Appsee, an Israeli startup and provider of in-app iOS analytics and tracking of user experience, announced today the closing of a $1M funding round led by Giza Venture Capital, with the participation by private investors; Moshe Lichtman, Yuval Baharav, Yehuda Doron, Rafi Gidron and Eran Ilan.

Heatmaps and habits

Appsee recently completed a rebranding from its former appellation of UserVOD. Features of the user experience optimizer include single session tracking and recording, aggregated in-app analytics, automatic events, UI analysis and touch heatmaps. The idea is to give app developers an in-depth yet easy-to-read total picture of user behaviors, habits and preferences toward their app, allowing them to formulate realistic long and short term goals, as well as stage based action plans for how to get there.

The company has stated that hundreds of apps are already using appsee’s platform, including British Gas, My Supermarket, AppsFire, Onavo, and eToro. The system is relatively easy to instal from a developer sense, requiring the adding of the appsee SDK and the integration of a single line of code in order to use the platform. Once incorporated into the app, every screen visited, button tapped, and gesture performed is automatically tracked and stored for analysis.

Aside from offering the usual insights for interpretation, Appsee is capable of drawing its own conclusions and offering suggested fixes. Video recording is also an optional, but not standard. All actions are tracked whether or not a session is video recorded. Recordings can be set to track and upload when users are on a Wi-Fi connection, so data usage is a non-issue and has no performance impact on the app.

Photo Credit: PR

Photo Credit: PR

Competition specifics

Appsee joins an increasingly crowded space of mobile app analytics platforms, an industry that just recently superheated after Facebook scooped up Onavo for an estimated $150-200M. In an Interview with Geektime, Appsee CEO Zahi Boussiba addressed the issue of competition and detailed exactly how Appsee stands apart:

“Unlike competitors who are mostly focusing on beta testing, we’re targeting developers who’re already within the production stage. Most mobile data analytics platforms focus on basic analytics. What sets us apart is reflected in our in-depth monitoring of each and every app session over the lifetime of the users experience with the app. We can show which buttons were pressed, what worked and what didn’t work, and most importantly, when and why the application crashed. Our solution provides analytics a level beyond the basic numbers analytics provided by the competition.”

Appsee was founded in 2012 by Zahi Boussiba and Yoni Douek. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel where they employ a team of eight people. Appsee recently launched their platform at Appsworld in London and the SDK is now available for iOS developers. An android version is on its way and should be available in about two months, says Boussiba.

Video: Appsee

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