Israeli Revizer raises $20M

Pitango Venture Capital invested a considerable amount in Israeli startup Reviser, offering ad based income addons to developers’ free plugins

Photo Credit: PR

Photo Credit: PR

Israeli startup Revizer, makers of an ad based income addon for developer to add to their free plugins, announced today (Thursday) the completion of a round valued at $20M from VC firm Pitango Venture Capital. This is the company’s first financing round after being established in 2012 by Daniel Sagis (CEO), Saggi Malachi (CTO) and David Lasri (Development Manager). The company has 60 employees and is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

No more Application Bundled toolbar

Revizer allows developers to effectively ad revenue streams to their free browser plugins by embedding an ad plugin code into the developer’s code. Including Reviser into a developer plugin will add targeted smart hover ads and banners to browsers of user who add  a Reviser enriched pugin. In an interview with Geektime, CEO Daniel Sagis explained that Revizer is an alternative to those companies who look to monetize their plugins through the use of Application Bundles and other methodologies which actually installs software on a user’s computer without their knowledge. Instead, Revizer is looking to monetize for developers using smart advertisements. “There’s a fine line between displaying relevant advertisements and harming a user’s browsing  experience,” says Sagis.

While the various toolbars that take over a user’s home page in order to move it through revenues streams, Revizer tries as much as possible not to disturb the user’s browsing experience “We’re trying to maximize revenue for key applications using nearly every legitimate form of advertising, be it banners or hover ad price comparisons. Users see exactly which app content comes through their new plugin and can remove it from the site if they like. We are members of the Advertising Standards of American and we hold ourselves to a high standard of advertising and we’re never looking to bombard user browsers with page ads and popups.”

Recruiting 40 additional employees and expanding their mobile platforms

As part of the investment, Rami Kalish, co-founder of Pitango, will be joining the Board of Directors. The current funding round gives the company a value of $100M. The money invested will be used toward further R&D of Revizer’s platform, and as part of that effort, Revizer will be looking to higher 40 additional employees and expand their U.S. presence by opening up another office on their shores. Additionally, while Revizer is currently only compatible with PC Web, the company plans to expand to various mobile platforms following the recruitment.

Rami Kalish said: “Pitango invests in advertising tailored to the user, and we believe that Revizer’s product along with their team will make them a leading company in the field, bringing about positive and significant change in the way users are exposed to ads.”

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